Live Great, Love Well, & Laugh More With Zoe Challenge!

COVID-19 is here and right now you, and most of the world, are on lockdown. We do not have control over that fact. We may not be able to control many of our circumstances as you read this, but we can always seize the moment. How we decide to react to this event, how we decide to use this time, determines who we are as people. It determines what this tragic outbreak will mean for us. 

That’s why we created the Zoe Challenge Ebook to give you the best wisdom, tools, and motivation to transform yourself over the next 2 months and arm you with skills and an attitude that will help you turn this negative quarantine into a positive experience.

We’re taking our best material and the best insights from the world’s greatest philosophers and organizing it to help you make the most of your time safer at home, sheltering in place. Why shouldn’t you emerge from these trying times having at least wrested from it some real advantages? Why would you kill time when you could breathe life into it? Why not use it to create better habits and a better perspective?

As they say, this moment is not your life. But it is a moment in your life. How will you use it? Or to be precise, how would you use the next two months?

The challenge will help you:
* Find or rediscover your life purpose
* Be more self compassionate towards yourself
* Become a more generous person
* Increase your worldly wisdom
* Feel happier

This short Ebook was meant to be read weekly and unlike an ordinary book where the sole aim is to read it from end to end, this book requires you to apply the ideas to your life directly.

Typically, each challenge lasted for one week, so here’s how I suggest you read the book:

Read the chapter on Sunday.

Practice the challenge from Monday to Saturday.

Have a weekly review on Sunday, write in your journal what changes you felt when you completed the challenge.

Read the next chapter.


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I hope that you will not only find these tools useful, but also decided to do something about them.

As Epictetus said, you “should not be satisfied with mere learning, but add practice then training. As time passes we forget what we learned and end up doing the opposite, and hold opinions the opposite of what we should.”