The Power of Surrender (Amor Fati)

“My formula for human greatness is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not in the future, not in the past, not for all eternity. Not only to endure what is necessary, still less to conceal it – all idealism is falseness in the face of necessity -, but to love it…” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

In life you will go through three kinds of situation: 

Things that you have full control over, which in this case, you need to take the most effective action to reach your goal.

Things that you have partial control, which in this case, the best course of action is to internalize the goals (focusing on what you can control).

And things that you have no control over, which we will discuss fully today.

Most people don’t find it hard to deal with the first two situations, but when it comes to deal with the third one- things that we have little control over, people usually go bananas. 

Especially when the situation is negative.

I know this is painfully obvious, but it is essential to retain a cheerful spirit and persevere during these times. For those are the two most productive things you can do at the moment. 

In order to achieve that, author Ryan Holiday suggested practicing what Nietzsche called “Amor Fati” or the love of fate. 

This means rather than fighting fate, trying to change an unchangeable situation you should practice acceptance, loving your fate as it is. Not as you want it to be. 

On the same note, author Robert Greene also urged us to turn our dead time into alive time; which means making full use of our passivity. 

Instead of waiting for the hand of fate to deal you with better cards, you proactively prepare for the next opportunity. Instead of waiting in passivity, you wait in activity.

If there’s really nothing else you can do and you still feel pain?

Well it’s time to turn your attention outward. Focus on helping other people or in Ryan Holiday’s words” “Help your fellow humans thrive and survive.”

Helping your fellow humans will help you forget your own problems and sometimes, even make you feel grateful for the life you had.

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